The Rhubarb Festival at Kendall Farm

In 2022, Georgie Kendall started the Rhubarb Festival. Now celebrated annually on the first Saturday in June, the festival offers demos on planting and caring for rhubarb and explores rhubarb’s versatility in food and drink. Local vendors, music, kids’ games, a rhubarb tasting table, crust making, and all things “rhubarb” are celebrated at this unique event in Downeast Maine.

Georgie Kendall grew up in Perry, Maine, attending church suppers as a child with her grandmother, Leona, who was an amazing baker. Leona made doughnuts and pie crust with lard. The only pies that weren’t devoured at those suppers were the rhubarb pies. Georgie has loved rhubarb since she was a kid so she could not understand why rhubarb pies were always the last to be finished. As a grownup, Georgie dreamed of hosting a rhubarb festival at her family’s farmstead to educate the community about rhubarb.

Rhubarb Poster Student Art Competition

Each year, festival organizers plaster the state with Rhubarb Festival posters featuring artwork by a Washington County student.

Winning images have included a truck with rhubarb out the back and a wheelbarrow with a rhubarb plant in it. Our student winner’s art is featured on posters and t-shirts. There are prizes for the winner and several prize drawings for participants. We hope to expand this prize package in the future!

Our past winners include:

2022: Katie McPhee of Calais Middle/High School
2023: Sarah Wentworth of Calais Middle/High School

Sarah Wentworth of Calais Middle/High School

Rhubarb Week in July

A culinary celebration of rhubarb! Join us on Monday, July 10th, Wednesday, July 12th, OR Thursday, July 13th, 2023 from 4:00 – 7:30 PM at the Minke Kitchen at 13 Little Falls Road, Pembroke.

Cost: $50.00 per person, up to 12 persons per session, pre-registration required.

What to expect?

Learn about the most versatile, underappreciated and underutilized vegetable in Maine: rhubarb. Georgie Kendall, a foodie and improv home cook from Perry and lifelong rhubarb eater and lover, and Sarah Wilcox, a gourmet home cook and mixologist from Lubec, plus super-fun gal pals will lead you through several recipes including rhubarb ice-cream, mocktails, and other sweet and savory culinary delights.

What to bring?

An apron, your favorite kitchen knife, an appetite, an open mind,  a sense of community, and a heap of rhubarb curiosity. Class ends with a sampling of rhubarb fare and a potluck feast, so please bring a dish from home to share.




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