Kendall Farm Cottages

Kendall Farm Cottages is a coastal country sanctuary situated on the easternmost lake in the USA and just a few minutes from the ocean’s highest tides in the world. Our cottages offer two of the loveliest weekly rentals in all of coastal Maine perfect for a rustic eco-adventure, romantic or family vacation. Reconnect with what is really important- nature, family, yourself. Fresh bouquets of flowers and Kendall Farm preserves and perhaps a welcoming meow from Seamus will greet you at your cottage!

This forty-five acre farm has been in our family for five generations. We honor this legacy in a way that preserves this beautiful environment and allows our visitors to relax, refresh and rejoice.

Wildflower Cottage

Wildflower Cottage has two incredible views: one looks out across the lake under a tall pine tree, a favorite of bald eagles and the other looks back at the farm across fields of wildflowers. Wildflower Cottage has a large fieldstone fireplace, a loft with twin beds, a large wrap-around porch with screens, an outdoor deck and a hammock. There is an additional deck, a dock and a boat house with chairs, a wood stove and windows right on the lake.

Watercress Cottage

Watercress Cottage is tucked into the trees, looks out across the lake and is close to the water’s edge. An abundance of watercress grows in a nearby natural spring. Watercress Cottage has two floors, with a wood stove, a glass porch with screens and an outdoor hammock. There is an outside deck, a dock and a boat house with another deck and chairs right next to the lake.

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