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20 Kendall Lane, Perry, Maine 04667

Directions to Kendall Farm Cottages

There are two ways to get to Kendall Farm Cottages: flying to the nearest airport and then driving, or just by driving. If driving from points south there are two options: The inland route (95N, Rte. 9, Rte. 1); or the more scenic coastal route (Rte. 1).

By Air

The closest major airports are Bangor International Airport, in Bangor, Maine, Bar Harbor Airport and Fredericton and St. John Airports, in New Brunswick, Canada. These three airports are about 2.5 hours by car from Kendall Farm Cottages and rental car companies are available at them. Smaller, private airports are located in Eastport and Machias, Maine.

The Inland Route by Car

Drive north on 95 to Bangor. Take Exit 182-A Brewer/Calais (395 to Rte.9), then take Exit 4 to Rte. 9/Calais. Exit right off ramp and continue straight following signs to Rte. 9/Calais, gas up in Brewer and drive 90 miles east on Rte. 9 to Calais then follow signs to connect to Rte. 1 south. Continue south on Rte. 1 for approximately 18 miles. Once you past the North Perry Methodist Church and the Welcome to Perry sign, take your next right on the Lake Road. (If you pass the Red Sleigh Shop and Strawberry Patch convenience store on your left you have just passed the road). Drive 1 mile and turn left on the Golding Road. Drive 1/2 mile on Golding Road and turn right at 20 Kendall Lane.

The Coastal Route by Car

Head North on Rte. 1 from Machias. Continue north from Machias on Rte. 1 toward Calais for approximately 45 miles. Pass the road to Eastport on your right, Rte. 190. Continue north approximately 4 miles.

Following Patterson’s corner (a sharp curve to the left) and at the bottom of the hill you will pass the Strawberry Patch, convenience store and Red Sleigh on your right. Take the next left on the Lake Road immediately following those businesses. Drive 1 mile and turn left on the Golding Road. Drive 1/2 mile on Golding Road and turn right at 20 Kendall Lane.

From the North by Car

Drive through New Brunswick and follow directions south to cross the border into the USA at the St. Stephen border crossing OR within Maine, take Route 1 south to Calais. From Calais follow the same directions from Calais as indicated in the Inland Route directions.


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