Testimonials from our guests:

  • “Our 8th year here was again so much fun! We enjoyed the gorgeous weather at the lake, swam, fished, rode in the canoe, played soccer and frizbee, hung out by the fire, took the path from cottage to cottage and made so many memories. Thank Dad for the birch wood and letting us borrow your bikes.”

    Regan, age 15 and family Pennsylvania, 2014
  • “Thank you Wildflower cottage and Kendall Farm for an amazing respite from some stressful, excessively busy times. Mom and I are in love with Wildflower, the boathouse, and woodshed, too! Such a cozy and nourishing place to step away from the world for a bit. I’ve fallen asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace—but for our last night I think I’ll enjoy drifting off in the loft. I will miss it here.”

    Lauren Maine, 2012
  • “Staying at the cottage was an amazing time for the both of us. The beautiful lake, sound of loons and other life forms was a serene experience. Your warm hospitality and in-depth journey of Maine specialties from lobsters, venison, smoked fish to the lovely vegetables grown by you was very special to us. Thank you very much for an amazing experience.”

    Ankit & Ashley Dhakal Nepal, 2014
  • “Had a great week here as usual. Great raspberries and a very loud loon were wonderful! The kids loved the ducks and liked the barn swings. Loved it all!”

    The Young Family Maryland, 2014
  • “Thanks for another memorable stay. We weren’t sure what to expect this year driving in with sideways rain as Hurricane Arthur seemed to be pulling down every third tree. 24 hours aside from the downed trees you’d never know. It turned out to be the best week ever—weather-wise and recouperatively. This year’s highlights: perfect weather, sharing lilies with the goats, good fishing as always, geocaching on Devil’s Head and Campobello, a doe and her two fawns and of course the wonderful hospitality!”

    The Knox Family Maine, 2014
  • “Thank you so much for such a restful week. This place is so lovely and we are so grateful that you share it with others. We won’t have too many more vacations with just the four of us and this was the perfect place to make some great memories. We have spent hours reading on the deck and have loved the canoe. We hope we can make it back again someday!”

    The Bridges Family New Hampshire, 2013
  • “We love the Watercress Cottage! We’re heading back to Montana on the solstice. A fitting end to a wonderful week of canoeing, swimming, time spent between cottage walks and bike rides, and general family time. Thank you.”

    John, Laurie, Adelaide, and Marlowe, Montana 2013
  • “It was wonderful to go canoeing and many dips for swimming. We didn’t bring anything digital and even went without a watch resetting our clocks by the sun was fun. This getaway will help us transition into our fall routines. We’ll happily remember seeing so many caterpillars, and the other creatures we saw or heard; loons, herons, woodpeckers, frogs, chipmunks, and your beautiful cat.”

    Kristin and Winnie, Maine 2012
  • “Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess and guide. I cannot tell you how much staying at Watercress has been one of those truly magical blessings.”

    Karen, Michigan 2011
  • “Thank God we listened to you and our newest favorite weather man, Bill! Not only did we enjoy a wonderful rainy day but we enjoyed the benefit of perfect weather after a big storm. The lake is gorgeous and the salt water side (Bill’s phrase) is spectacular. The air is so clean and crisp and the views are mind boggling. You live in a wondrous land. Where else can we listen to live music and look for whales at the same time? All the senses got used and were refreshed—thank you!”

    Michele and Brian, Georgia
  • “We’ve had a great time here at Watercress. Thank you so much for all of the yummy vegetables—even giving us one of your first tomatoes! I really appreciated the fresh cut flowers, too. I added a few birds to my “life list”: merlins (pigeon hawks) that hunted from the power lines; and solitary sand pipers that we saw in the marshy area along Golding road. Also saw a family of seven American mergansers (fish ducks) diving for fish, bald eagles, and the haunting and evocative loons. One feels very close to nature and all her creatures here. We drove to Lubec on day and visited Roosevelt’s summer home and Campobello Island. Another day we took the whale watching tour out of Eastport. We saw minke whales, seals, harbor porpoises, eagles, shearwaters, etc.”

    Cliff and Mary, Texas
  • “Had a great time honeymooning here! Thanks for a fabulous two weeks here as well as the lettuce and potatoes from your garden and car repair advice. Had a blast with the kids coming across the field—swimming, canoeing and playing in the hammock. Our vacation went by way too fast!”

    Patty and Ward, Maryland 2011
  • "What a wonderful spot! Our first time here and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Hit the Machias Wild Blueberry festival and Black Fly Ball…what fun! Loads of crazy outfits, great music, and dancing…then fireworks to boot! We biked the trails in Campobello and hiked in Roque Bluffs State Park. We saw a bald eagle out front several times and also saw two fawns and two does right in our field! We’ve had a wonderful week of weather, very few bugs, lots of canoeing, lots of hiking, fireplace fires and cribbage. You all must ask Georgie for fun things to do and day trip ideas."

    Sandy and family, Maine 2014
  • “We thank you so much for making our vacation and 25th wedding anniversary such a wonderful experience on Boyden Lake at Kendall Farm. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Wildflower Cottage. We loved kayaking, fishing and just sitting on the lake. Thank you for sharing your treats from your nice garden. What a joy it was to see eagles and the loons!”

    Anne and Ken, Pennsylvania 2014
  • “We enjoyed the Boyden Lake loons again this year and the moonlit lake. Only missed one day of swimming. We ate a ton of wild blueberries and plenty of icecream. Thank you for the cucumbers, greens, and beautiful flowers. Wish we didn’t have to go back to work."

    Sally, Anne, and Esther, Vermont & North Carolina 2013
  • “Thanks for sharing this delightful farm and cottage with our family. It was a quiet place to take a deep breath and relax before heading back to work. A home away from home for us while we did all of our Downeast activities.”

    Mark, Kelsey and Cory, Maine 2013
  • “I do not know where to begin—so wonderful to be away from work and everything stressful. You have been so generous and helpful. Thank you so much. It’s been heavenly. We are so sorry to leave. Our stay has been above and way beyond anything I could have imagined.”

    Sheryl, New York 2012
  • “Your cabin reflects just how much you care for your friends and guests from the beautiful flower bouquets to the bounty of vegetables. I need the solitude this place offers to help me heal. I love it here. Funny, being alone did not make me sad or scared—it helped me find my inner strength and peace.”

    Penny, Iowa 2011
  • “What a place! We love it and you make sure that everything is okay. It just makes us feel so good. The areas around your cottages are so peaceful and very pleasing to the eyes. The water is very relaxing while sitting on the porch. Sure wish I lived closer. Riding through the country roads without heavy traffic is so nice. What an enjoyable time!”

    George and Margery, New York 2011
  • "We had a very nice week here at Wildflower! The house was even better than imagined. The kids loved the loft and the porch, the boat house was so much fun. I am glad our friends told us about this place. My husband did his best fishing here on Boyden Lake and the canoe trips created some wonderful memories for our children. Thank you for all of your help and information and the tour of Eastport. You were the best host! We cannot wait to return next year."

    The Dillards of CT
  • "I did not know that Heaven could be found on Earth, but here it is! We had such a grand time staying in your cottage, swimming, canoeing, cooking meals and eating outdoors, finding fireflies, listing for loons. A rainy day inside by the fire was cozy and relaxing. My only regret was not being able to stay longer. However, while I sit at my desk at work during the middle of the school year and think I can’t make it to June, I will pull these memories and look forward to coming back. Thank you for all of the little touches, the flowers, the jam, the coffee. This is a special place. We wish you well. Until next summer, Blessed Be!"

    The Websters, Sonora, CA
  • "Wow, what a beautiful week we’ve had! Your cabin is wonderful – we loved having fires in the evening and relaxing in the sunporch during the morning. The setting with the wildflowers and lake is idyllic. Thank you for the bouquet, jelly and kale that greeted us – so nice! We had a great time making a couple of day trips into Canada (St. Andrews-by-the-Sea and Tea with Eleanor at Campobello-a highlight!) as well as spending quality time here reading, kayaking, canoeing and cooking lobster. We are leaving with amazing memories. Thank you!"

    The Nixon Family, Raid City, South Dakota
  • "We’ve been coming to Boyden Lake for 25 years! There is nothing to compare with “Perrydise”. We love Kendall Farm Cottages. Our cottage was perfect for us. We love your warm and accommodating hospitality! Thank you so much for letting us use your phone. Had a blast hanging out with the ducks and meeting your friends and family. We had a wonderful time . . .Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    The Poppers of New York
  • "We cannot even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at the cottage! Growing up in Maine and missing it so much then coming and staying at your amazing cottage brought me right back to the reasons that I love Maine so much! Waking up with all of the fresh air and listening to the loons and trees was simply breathtaking! We felt so welcome!"

    Jose and Renee, Ft. Myers, FL
  • "Wow! I’m not sure where to begin. It’s been wonderful from the start and we sure did manage to cram a lot of memorable moments into just 7 short days! Time just flies by here at Kendall Farm. We managed several excursions to Reversing Falls, Lubec, Camopbello and of course our favorite place, Eastport! We enjoyed many delectable meals, ate lobster galore and met some fun and friendly people. Best of all was the time we spent reading books, playing Scrabble, and just hanging at your little piece of paradise."

    Laura and Pedro, Rochester, NY
  • "Thanks for another wonderful week here at Wildflower Cottage. From Tea with Eleanor to Lobster at Quoddy Bay, it was fabulous. We so enjoy your hospitality and gracious generosity. Thank you, too, for the wonderful pie."

    Kirsten and Roger, Newburyport, MA
  • We would like to express how impressed we are with our agent, Georgie Kendall. Georgie is a great communicator, and kept us thoroughly informed every step of the way. Her patience and knowledge of the process were invaluable to us. We would highly recommend Georgie and will not hesitate to use her services in the future.

    Chris and Moka Perry, Maine
  • We've sold 4 houses in 6 years and Georgie Kendall is by far the BEST real estate agent we have ever used! So thankful for her expertise!

    Dave and Ruthie Eastport, Maine & Florida
  • Linda and I cannot thank Georgie enough for all she has done for us over the past year. Her patience and professionalism paid off, and we have a house with which we will be happy. A year ago we contacted her looking only for a real estate agent. Instead, we not only got a superb agent but we found a wonderful friend. We are indebted to her.

    Craig and Linda North Carolina
  • Memories made with great people! On our bucket list: loons, lobsters, hikes, garlic scapes, rejuvenation, feeling completely relaxed, enjoying the best sleep ever, embracing ourselves with all of this beauty, floating on Boyden Lake, watching the raspberries ripen. What a time we have had here, Georgie. Sharing your heritage, your garden, and your life with us…this place is wonderful!

    Lorraine & Jenny, Virginia Beach, VA
  • What a wonderful cottage to relax and decompress. We loved watching the lake with cocktails every evening. Listening to the loons, eagles and owls throughout the night was hauntingly beautiful. Floating in the water with my puppy, Lily, was so relaxing. We love it here! Thank you so much for your hospitality. I will definitely let friends and family know about this special spot.

    Charity and Robbie, Calais, ME
  • We had an amazing time relaxing, fishing and enjoying this beautiful spot. We both really feel at home here and are sad to leave after two weeks. Thank you for all of your hospitality and we look forward to seeing you again in years to come.

    Chris and Elizabeth, Robbinston, ME & New Zealand
  • As it seems many others have, we’ve fallen in love with this area and Kendall Farm, and are sorry it is time to leave. We had such a wonderful stay! We highly recommend West Quoddy Head Light State Park in Lubec, the many area coastal trails especially Liberty Point on Campobello Island, Canada, and Reversing Falls in Pembroke. We saw minke whales and seals in three different locations... But most of all, we’ve loved coming back to our cottage in Perry, being greeted by Dill & Pickle, the ducks and sometimes Seamus, your cat. Going for a swim, sitting on the deck and enjoying the view, chatting with Georgie and Bill...Learning the very cool sounds of Bill’s Model A Ford engine and horn. Thank you for your generosity and caring, Georgie, and your kind consideration for our presence here, Bill. We home to see you again sometime soon.

    Dee and Tim, New York City, NY
  • We came to your cottage seeking a refuge to write the bones of a story we never uncovered. What we got was so much more. As our days became an X on the calendar, we also began changing the course of our intention. Thank you Kendall Farm for the comfort of our cottage life that fortified our sense of belonging and the stewardship that no other venue could offer. We came unaware yet left quite prepared to challenge the status quo of being stewards of this magical place we call earth. Thank you Kendall Farm for supplying the best energy yet.

    Julianne, Albuquerque, NM
  • Thank you for the beautiful experience! The weather has been perfect. We walked the wooded shoreline at Sipps Bay and at Ganong Nature Park in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. We enjoyed mimosas on the deck by Boyden Lake. The highlight of our trip was the whale watch. Whales are such spectacular animals. Maybe for our next trip we will try to stay later in the season to see some foliage.

    Grace and Scott, New Orleans, LA
  • We absolutely fell in love with our cottage! What a spot. Serenity, wildlife, quiet, stars and morning yoga on the deck-thank you. Such beauty in simplicity. Thank you for all of your kindness, including sharing your Pirate Booty! We sure hope to return next year.

    Tom, Judy, John and the Pirates, Hingham, MA
  • A beautiful place to begin a new life…

    Robin and Emrys, Casper, WY
  • "My house was listed under different agents twice prior to hiring Georgie. Each time I got 0-1 showings. After hiring Georgie, I had multiple showings right off the bat, and ultimately sold my house for cash during a pandemic. Georgie is a very high energy local with deep roots to this area. This is balanced by her world travels, allowing her to understand the needs of her customers whether they are local or from away. I appreciate all of the qualities she brings to the table. It's no wonder when I asked around for a recommendation, so many of my friends said "call Georgie Kendall."

    Andrea, Lubec, ME
  • "It was important to me to find the right fit to have a real estate agent that would be supportive, informative, and compassionate when selling our mother’s house. From beginning to end, thank you, for your expertise and professionalism."

    Colleen, Dennysville, ME
  • "We came to Eastport for a lobster roll while camping at Cobscook State Park. While there we couldn’t help but notice an adorable waterfront cape that just happened to be for sale. We called Georgie as her name seemed to be everywhere and had two showings. A lot of questions were hard to get answers to because the house was closed up and the seller was out of state but Georgie always came through. Georgie was always a true professional and immediate in her response time. We’d use Georgie again in a minute and give her our highest recommendation."

    Annie and Mark, Eastport & Bath, ME
  • "Georgie did an excellent job for us. She was knowledgeable and very helpful. We were out of state purchasers so the purchase was very nerve-wracking for us. She made what could have been a nightmare well worth it."
    David and Trish Massachusetts
  • "Georgie went above and beyond as a realtor representing us as a buyer. Tim can be difficult to deal with and has a lot of questions and is very picky. Georgie handled the questions with grace and ease. When she didn't have an immediate answer, she did her research, and due diligence for us, and had answers within 48 hours. She was sensitive to the fact that we were purchasing from a distance and made sure that all that we needed for closing was lined up and conducted smoothly. We highly recommend Georgie as a realtor representing either side of a property sale."

    Kate & Tim New Hampshire

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